Time is money. And every day a company goes without filling a position is a day that the company is not operating at maximum capacity. Pressure to reduce time to fill is overwhelming, yet rushing to replace employees with poor fit candidates only results in a turnover and a process restart. It is imperative that companies develop smart, forward-thinking solutions to filling vacancies that maximize resources, efficiently deliver results and make the most of their time and investment.

At Ascentia, we provide the highest level of service possible and take complete ownership and accountability in providing workers for you and your facility. By leveraging data expertise and insight built over years, our outsourced recruitment solutions allow organisations to confidently meet target hiring goals without compromising on the quality of a candidate.

Our industry-leading Blue and White Collar Hiring solutions to combine the expertise of our recruiters with state of the art technology to streamline recruitment processes, optimise employer and candidate experience, and improve quality of hire. Informed by unparalleled data resources, executed through innovative sourcing strategies and broadly supported by a worldwide network of experts, our solutions bring top talent into your organisation while reducing recruitment costs, dovetailing with corporate strategy and virtually eliminating costly missteps.

We house a specialist recruitment team that will work with you to identify your immediate and longer-term staffing needs and provide a selection of tier-one candidates for you to review and interview.

Skilled & Unskilled Manpower

The typical industrial construction project is often a multi-phase, complex job site that requires astute management across various disciplines. Creating industrial facilities and other large structures requires a team of highly skilled workers, heavy equipment, detailed material deliveries, staffing challenges and coordinating various subcontractors through jobs that may take years to complete.

Effective project management under tight deadlines and small margins is challenging and crucial to any project’s success. Finding and hiring skilled labour, scheduling, and safety are all major concerns. Especially in the UAE, the visa, insurance, and labour deployment is a concern. Ascentia helps to improve project planning and human resource decisions to make industrial construction management more efficient.

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